FILM CLIP ABOVE TAKEN FROM Love Hotel © Clara Kraft Isono with Grymsdyke Films.


2012/ 22 min/ 1.66:1/ 16mm/ UK- Japan

Director:Clara Kraft Isono

Producer: Motuharo Honda & Toshihide Akama

Script: Clara Kraft Isono

Cinematography: Kelly Amundsen

Editor: Elisa Cepedal

Music: Emu Masuyama

Art Director:Satoshi Isono

Sound Recordist: Kentarou Inamura

Second Camera: Daniel Chaytor

Cast:Patricia Oliviera Lis/ Wendy Jara Taboada

Shot: Cannon 5D and with Zeiss Lenses.



"Anglo-Japanese Production"

This film is a collaboration between students from the London Film School, UK and students from i-MEDIA Film College Japan. It is short fiction film shot mostly with local non-actors. The film is spoken in 3 languages, Portuguese, English and Japanese and reflects the recent increase of multiculturalism in Japan, whilst exposing a society resiliently trying to hold onto the past



‘Love Hotel’ is about how we can find strength in strangers and how fleeting encounters can have a deep influence in our lives. It’s time for Silvia, a young Brazilian cleaner in a Tokyo love hotel, to go home. But before she leaves Japan, she wants find her former lover. Her quest will take her from suburban theme parks to remote villages. Ultimately it is not the places that will have an impact on her but the people with whom she connects, in spite of the barriers of language and culture.



Photos in this section ©Kelly Amundsen