Pleased to announce that Salt River is in postproduction!

Salt River is a road movie about architecture based in Sri Lanka.  The film weaves fact and fiction via a trip a protagonist architect takes around the island in search of a ‘lost’ garden by the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. The story unfolds as she travels to remote locations, visits unique buildings and meets a series of characters. Finding the garden might be the goal, but her search is the catalyst to present architecture as evolving with us. Expanding the architectural documentary genre, the film’s rhythm is a composition of research material, performance and interviews. Conceived like a building -- with a distinct spatial presence, sequences are constructed to augment the experience of the rooms and landscapes the protagonist visits in her search for the mystical garden of Lunuganga.  Breaking away from a dogmatic western understanding, the film celebrates the power of architecture on our senses, while exploring otherness and the nature of human memory.  A collaboration of sound design, music, and visual composition enhances this effect. 

Link to the film here

Director: Clara Kraft Isono Producer: Corinne Mynatt Actor: Lea D'Albronn Allexandre Editor: Elisa Cepedal DOP: Dan Chaytor Sound: Sunjna Mullick  Music: Jasmin Kent Rodgman  Violinist: Mandhira de Saram 

Jasmin Kent Rodgman and Mandhira de Saram are supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund, The Fenton Arts Trust and RVW Trust