2009/ 10 min/1.33:1/ 16mm/Drama/ UK

Director: Clara Kraft Isono

Writer: Clara Kraft Isono

DP: Kelly Amundsen


Editor: Elisa Cepedal

Shot: on 35mm on a Panavision GII Golden Panaflex (PFX-GII)


In 2010 screened in competition at: The Shanghai International Film Festival, China. / Christchurch Film Festival, New Zealand / Manchester International Short Film Festival, UK / Mexico International Film Festival / Little Rock Film Festival, Arkansas, USA / Cam Era, Cambridge International Film Festival , UK.


Winner of the 2010 National Film Student Awards for Best Drama and Acting, also nominated for Best Film and Cinematography, Screentest Film Festival, Bristol / Bronze Palm Winner Mexico International Film Festival.


A Finnish salesman is stuck at a small hotel run by an Indian family in a city plagued by smog. Malfunctioning water pipes and a power outage provides a chance meeting with a Japanese tourist. A chord is struck and two lost souls are redirected.




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