FILM CLIP ABOVE TAKEN FROM Achele © Clara Kraft Isono

ACHELE (Sister)

2012/ 17 min/ 1.66:1/ HD/ India-UK

Director: Clara Kraft Isono

Writer: Clara Kraft Isono

DP: Christine Lalla

Editor: Elisa Cepedal

Shot: Cannon 5D and with Zeiss Lenses.



In 2012 Screened in competition at; New York International Film Festival 2012 /New York City Independent Film Festival 2012 / Hawaii International Film Festival 2012 / Oaxaca Film Fest, Mexico 2012 / Raindance Film Festival, London 2012 / Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival 2013 / Short Shorts Film Festival Asia, Tokyo 2013 / East End Film Festival, London 2013 / International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala,India 2013 / Adelaide International Film Festival, Australia 2013 .


9729913231EzVJ.jpgShortlisted for the One World Media Awards for Best Drama / Nominated Best UK Short category, Raindance Film Festival, London / Won the Jury Prize at the Puerto Rico International Short Film / Lucerne International Film Festival, Award of Merit / California Awards 2012 Silver Award Winner.



This film is a short fiction film shot on location in Ladakh, with a small crew and on very reduced budget. Non-actors play all characters in the film and much of the dialogue was improvised to reflect their views and experiences. The film is spoken in Ladakhi, the language of the local Buddhist ethnic minority, a rural community whose culture is experiencing most acutely the changes that development is bringing to the region.





Things are changing in the upper Himalayan region of Ladakh in India. In this remote area landlocked for centuries by inaccessible mountain passes and still governed by traditional beliefs in mountain spirits and witch doctors, development is having a deep influence in long-established rural communities. Kaisang, the eight-year-old daughter of a poor Ladakhi farmer, tries to make sense of the world. Her parents have decided that her older sister must leave home in search of a better life in the city. But what does that mean exactly? And can she stop her from going? As both sisters struggle with the onset of separation, we slowly discover a lost world where development and change threaten to tear the two sisters apart.



Photos in this section ©Christine Lalla